Welcome to Musiwacær

Dear Colleagues,

You are cordially invited to participate in the Musiwacær to be held in Impruneta, on November 21-24, 2017.

Musiwacær was born from the meeting among Musiwa (International Association for Art, Culture and Peoples), CNR- Institute for Science and Technology for Ceramics (Cultural Heritage Group) and the Municipality of Impruneta (Florence).

Musiwacær wants to share the different skills in the mosaic, lime and ceramic fields in order to create an unique artistic-historical-scientific-technological event in the Cultural Heritage sector.

Musiwacær wants to be the place in which people working on mosaic and/or lime and/or ceramic, such as: artists, artisans, conservation scientists, restorers, architects, engineers, art historians and archaeologists can present and discuss their works.

At the same time Musiwacær wants to involve in its enterprises also no expert people, and wants to be an opportunity of professional growth for the young people that have started to walk in the wonderful world of the mosaic, ceramic and lime.

Last but not least, this multidisciplinary event wants to favor the knowledge of the host’s territory, above all its ceramic tradition.

  • International Conference on Mosaic, Lime and Ceramic,
  • Art Show
  • Technical Meeting
  • Photographic exhibition
  • Musiwa’s exhibition

Musiwacær Chairs: Michele Macchiarola and Francesco Chimienti