Musiwacær Satellite Events

 Art Show

Artists, artisans and restorers will make different artefacts such as frescos, mosaics and ceramic objects. While restorers can show innovative or classical restoration operations on mosaics, ceramic artefacts, frescos, stuccos, etc.

All the people/companies interested to take part in the Art Show  have to contact the organization via email to by 2nd  November 2017.

Spaces, raw materials (putty lime, aggregates, clay, stone/glasses materials for tesserae, etc.) and small mobile supports for making mosaics or frescos will be made available by the organization.

Each participant in the Art Show have to provide himself with the tools to make artistic artefacts or restoration simulations. Special materials for the realization of artistic artefacts or restoration operations (eg. colorants, golden leaf tesserae, amber, etc.) are borne by the participants.

The spaces will be allocated until exhausted,  respecting the chronological order of registration.

Technical Meeting

Companies producing/selling materials or instruments for making or restoring mosaics, lime and ceramic artefacts can show their products and organize technical meetings with artisans, artists, restorers, universities, vocational schools, designers, archaeologists, conservation scientists, etc.

Companies interested to show their products and to organize technical meetings have to contact the organization via email to by 23th October 2017.

The spaces will be allocated until exhausted, respecting the chronological order of registration.

 Photographic exhibition

Photos about the past and the present of the mosaic-lime-ceramic world. All the subjects regarding the study, the production and the restoration are admitted.

In order to participate to the photographic exhibition please send a photo in Jpg  Format (not less than 300 dpi)  by 13th October 2017. A short and explanatory caption (less than 300 characters), in English language, must be attached to each photo.

Best 30 photos, selected by a panel of judges, will be exhibit in Antica Fornace Agresti. Authors will be contacted no later than 30th  October, about acceptance of their photo.

The photos admitted to the photographic exhibition will be print by the organization of Musiwacaer.

Anyway, the exhibition of the accepted photos, depend to the payment of the registration fee.

30th  October 2017 Notification of acceptance.